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CCRM in a 96 TBird 4.6?

TBird Heff
03-05-2006, 03:49 PM
I have a 96 TBird 4.6 with a bad fuel pump relay (I believe). Thanks to 97Bird, I found the damn thing.

Where can I get the CCRM Tested?

Do I need to replace the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM) or just the fuel pump relay inside it? I have not been able to find the CCRM on-line by name and part number searches, but I have found a relay they say is for it at AutoZone.

If I do need to replace the CCRM, where can i get one?

*This is all because the car turns but wont start, has fuel, has good power (ie: new battery, new alternator). The car was running like a dream when I came home Friday morning, then I went out to go to work that night and it just turns.

Any help would be wonderful, thanks ahead of time.


03-05-2006, 08:30 PM
I take it that you can't hear the fuel pump running when you turn the key on. Is there a chance someone could have bumped your car while it was parked? Check the Inertia Fuel Shutoff Switch to be sure the red button is pushed in. The IFSS is located in back of the carpet panel covering the left side (drivers quarter panel) of the trunk. In a '97 the connector in the bottom of it has a dark green/yellow stripe wire and a pink/black stripe wire going into it. The p/b wire will have about 12V with the key on. If it doesn't and you know the fuse is good then the problem is probably the relay. There is a 16 pin rectagular connector behind the instrument panel on the far right that is the only connector between the CCRM and the IFSS. I don't know if the '96 wires are the same color or not so one of the wires going into the IFSS connector should have 12V with the key on. If you can get a probe into the connector with it still connected to the IFSS then both wires should have 12V with the key on.

TBird Heff
03-06-2006, 01:29 PM
Thanks 97Bird, ended up being the fuel pump.

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