New here...

02-27-2006, 12:14 PM
Hi. i recently moved to Canada from St.Lucia in the Caribbean. i had a 98 MX touring lancer down there and honestly as Im up here i wanna have a nex lancer...jus gotta love these cars. Had nice black leather interior, sittin of 17 giovannas, i loved dat car. I realize you'll call dem mirages, and the model im interested in are those between 97 - 02. Wanna get preferable a 4 dr, then put on an evo 5 kit, headlight and taillight assembly, and slam it on some 18s. However jus wanted to kno some things tho:
1. Do the 4 drs come with a black interior?
2.If i get a 2dr, how do i get the the lancer/evo 5 headlamp assembly to fit it?
3.What prices do they go for, the cheaper the better :grin: (P.S. I've checked Autotrader)
4.Are mirages with evo kits allowed up here in canada? i kno the laws are strict over here so......

all your help is welcomed and please feel free to enlighten me...not bash...

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