want IS300 will trade BOOSTED P5

02-26-2006, 11:07 PM
howdy folks

the wife is pregnant ...so this car has gotta go

2002 P5 (with too many 1st place trophies to fit in the car)

DG carbon fiber hood ,wide body kit, rear spoiler ,front lip

40k miles ,adult driven ,boosted GT-60Ball Bearing turbo ,the kit was built by a Mazda Speed Tech in Cali and is all 1off TIG welded aluminum piping ,custom turbo manifold very clean set-up (set extreamly conservitive at 4 to 5pounds of boost) ,hidden inter-cooler ,TIAL wastgate ,bypass valve...the last timed it was Dyno'ed it made 176hp at the wheels, so I would assume 200 at the flywheel

18"volks (GT-7)2piece wheels with custom painted lip (I took the rims apart to have them painted so they is no overspray on the gun metal spokes of the wheel) ,sponcered by Maxxis tires ,

Kenwood KVT-911 tv w/sirius receiver & T.V.tuner

DB drive platinum 12inch sub ,1200watt mono block ,320 watt 4channel ,custom Linex finished enclosure

J.I.C majic coilovers 16point ajustable ,

J.I.C majic exhuast w/high flow cat

Catz fog lights

Ohh yeah 1off Brembo 4piston Big Brakes...I beleive its the gran torismo set-up like 13-14inch brakes...this thing stops like nuts (Brembo never made a kit for this car)

Im prolly leaving out some stuff ,,,

The car is really fun and I dont really want to part with it ,But the Wife dosn't like the way it rides (extremly sporty even on the softest setting)U might be thinking ...why dont u just put back on the OEM suspention ,,Well I tried that and because the off-set is so great on the Volks (to fill out the body kit) the OEM shocks allowed the tires to rub the fender wells

as you can see this car has had have CRAZY money thrown at it, and it needs nothing accept to be driven

You may have seen this car at NopiNats 2005 @ the Maxxis booth ((ohh yeah,,I also took first place there as well)),If you wanna check it out stop by my PawnShop Dynasty Jewelry & Loan on JimmyCarter Blvrd (My red EK normally sits out front) some of you guys my have seen it before and know where my shop is .If not ,,if you get off I-85 (on to JimmyCaterBlvrd)coming FROM Atl take a right ,or goin TOWARDS Atl take a left you'll be going toward StoneMnt and away from Buford Hwy go approx 1 to 2 miles down I'm on the left 2red lights passed Singleton (the only Pawnshop with Rims setting out front)

ASKING $16K I will consider trading for a IS300 or really NICE Scion XB (I have title and am ready to do whatever)

You'll have better luck reaching me on my Cell 770-309-3487 Mike
OR the shop phone 770-300-0099

Thanks for checking it out..Later Mike

http://forums.importatlanta.com/showthread.php?t=46792 too see pics

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