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2000 Neon and P1684 error code

02-19-2006, 04:25 PM
Our Neon is giving us trouble when starting. It doesn't start and takes several attempts and then finally it will start. The error code is P1684. Everything I've read about this code says not to woory as it explains that the battery was disconnected in the last 50 starts or battery loss in the last 50 starts. This has not ever happened and so the code is confusing. Someone also mentioned a possible ground wire issue. Another site just had "Driver 5, Line 4" listed besode the code and I have no idea what this means. We get no other codes appear. Any ideas????:crying:

02-20-2006, 07:47 AM
I found this message on another forum...

P1684 means the PCM has lost power while the car is off. Your battery posts may be corroded or a battery wire may be losing it's connection. Inspect the cables and make sure they are secured, the positive to the PDC and to the Alternator, and the negative to the starter. While you are there, remove the terminals and get a wire brush and sand paper on the posts (or get a battery post cleaner, available at most auto parts stores for very cheap), get them bright and shiny. Same with the insides of the terminals, make them shine. Afterwards, reconnect the terminals and make sure they're real secure.

It would be best to leave the battery disconnected for about 10 minutes or so to clear the code. You can hit your brake pedal to speed the process while the battery is disconnected.

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