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87 626 conversion to manual

02-16-2006, 04:05 AM
I need to find the parts to convert a 87 626 superdeluxe 2.2L to a manual.

i have a 87 626 i bought cheap that is perfect apart from the shithouse auto transmission - it is about to go and I have been assured converting to a manual is fairly simple - the problem is I am having trouble finding the parts - or basically am confused with what will fit. Will a ford telstar box fit in thne 2.2 - up to what year of car can i get the parts off - ive had a wrecker offer me the parts off a 95 mazda 626 2.2L wagon - will they fit?

if anyone can help me id love it - im a bit out of my league with konwing what parts to get for the full conversion. THanks. Jason

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