Compairsion for insurance.. wrx,350z

02-14-2006, 07:19 PM
Hey all. Please dont flame me for this but i dont think its a "n00b" question. All i want is your guy's opinions for my questions and options for cars. I am 18 with 3 points on my record. Hey i admit i was wreckless driving for a while. I wrecked my 98 eclipse gst (turbo) *one vehicle accident* (2points) and speed in my 2006 scion tC (1point) then 2 weeks ago a female (19yr) drove a stolen 05 f150 and i crashed it but it was because she didnt yeild at me. I had the right of way and the cop + 5 people said it wasnt my fault. Police report just came and charges are made on her not me. Im clean of that accident. My 2006 tC is however, totaled. This upcoming sunday i have an option between a 04 350z white 6spd 21k$ with 17kmiles OR a 02 WRX blue 5spd 19k$ with 28k miles. I got quotes for the wrx for 3,100 for 6months and for the Z i got quouted 2,600 for 6 months (using Esurance online). I wonder if this company is lieing to me or not because my friend just got a 06 Z base and his insurance is 8k 6 months. How is it possible that the Z is a 2seat sport car vs a 4 door sedan and the Z is cheaper in insurance? People say that the WRX is Euro thus giving it such high insurance. Can you guys give me Opinions and Facts on both cars (insurance wise).

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