reliant/aries engine swap

02-11-2006, 07:39 PM
i have had my 1988 aries/reliant for about a year, after replacing whole front clip and a frame on the bottom. just recently my dad bought a 1993 ford taurus gl for $100, the front is wrecked but it has a 3.0 v6 engine in it the only thing it need is a valve cover. i was wondering if its possible to swap the ford engine into my car and a little info on it if possible. my dad is going to junk the ford after he takes out remote start and tires and rims, it would be cool to put a 3.0 v6 in place of a little wimpy 2.2 4 cyl. on a little car like this. thers no rust and such on the '88. if not possibe it was a good thought. thanks.

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