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Oil Leak! Sensor or switch?

02-09-2006, 09:47 PM
:banghead: I have a 98 neon sohc it is leaking oil. So I replaced oil pan gasket. Still leaking but only when driven and engine gets warmed up. I have looked at the crankshaft postion sensor on top of oil filter bracket and it was covered in oil. The oil pressure sensor(switch) doesnt seem to have any oil around it. This-- cps-- part is 95.00's to replace, does it have a seal or gasket or threads that I can replace or put yellow teflon tape on to fix?

Will the oil pressure sensor-switch fault out when pressure builds from defective/clogged oil filter?
Also,all the parts websites call this part a oil filter switch with light-everyone on here is calling it a sensor.
One more thing my oil light never has come on ,when leak started it took me 4 quarts to make it home with no oil light or overheating.

04-03-2006, 01:58 PM
As far as I know the oil pressure sensor will complete the circuit only if the pressure drops delow a certain limit (no idea how much but 4 quarts, I think it should've). I doubt that anything will happen if the pressure increases.

If it is the oil pressure sensor it should be located to the driver's side on the engine block facing the driver. Looks roughly like a spark plug.

It seems it is a common problem with neon to have a faulty oil pressure sensor. If it is cracked then you will notice the oil puddle underneath it (happens to my car), otherwise it could be the connection to the sensor that is bad. In any case I would suggest you change the sensor, only costs $10.


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