Combined Toyota Factory Truck Maintenance Manuals

Brian R.
01-22-2006, 02:14 AM

The following is a link to a general Toyota truck maintenance manual for early trucks including 1970-1978 pick-ups, 1979-1988 Pick-ups and 4Runners, 1971-1988 Land Cruisers,

1L, 2L, 2L-T, 8R-C, F, 2F, 3F-E, 18R-C, 20R, 22R, 22R-E, 22R-TE, and 3VZ-E engines

2000 Tacoma FSM (

2005-2006 Tacoma FSM (
2005-2006 Tacoma OEM Electical and Wiring Manuals (

1993 Factory Service Manual for Pick-ups and 4Runners:

There is alot of overlapping information with 4Runners. It's missing six pages that I know of, but other than that, it's complete.

Missing pages are MT1-77 from Manual Transmission R150 & R150F section, pages SA36 - SA39 in the 4WD section of the Suspension and Axle section, and SR38-SR39 in the Steering section.

96 Tacoma Service Manual Diagrams
This information helps with parts assembly and identification. (

Brian R.
01-20-2008, 03:35 AM
Here's a bunch of links from SidneyCanada:

I stumbled across a bunch of new Toyota 4-Runner and truck factory service manual download links,see below:

Any Public Library in your area would have the Factory service manual, Haynes,Chiltons,Mitchells,Clymers, Bentley and Toyota repair books.

Free AutoZone service manuals at:

Tons of free factory service manuals for 4-Runners,etc:

Free 1985 Toyota 4-Runner & pickup Factory Service Manual:

you may also need to install this:

heres the instructions


This FSM works for the stock solid front axle trucks

If you have a pre-84 vehicle with an external voltage regulator, the ignition/charging section will not work for you. If you have an ’85 vehicle, make note as to whether you are carbed or EFI, as the ignition systems are not the same.
Accurate links for pre-84 charging/ignition systems would be appreciated.

Regarding the FSM, WARNING: Do not try and open this file over the internet no matter HOW fast your connection is; Adobe WILL lock up. This document is 1025 pages long!

Tech note from lscotte: Firefox users may not need this download tool. Right click>save link as...

Download AmazingDown 1.62 first.
Then in that program press the "New" button on the tool bar and copy and paste the URL below into the corresponding dialogue box and click download. This will greatly speed up the process of downloading such a big file from a server that isn't quite the fastest out there. Once the file is downloaded you can open it from your hard drive. (folder entitled ‘downloaded’)

Free 1988 Toyota 4-Runner & pickup Factory Service Manual:

Free 1993 Toyota Pickup Service Manual:

1996 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual (2)(3)RZ-FE 5VZ-FE:

1998-2000 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual 5ZE-FE:

2003 (years: 2001-2004) Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual (2)(3)RZ-FE 5VZ-FE:

2005-2006 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manual 1GR-FE & 2TR-FE:

Free 1989 - 1995 Pickup Mitchell Service Manual:

You can download the winrar archiver from:

And The ISO file can be downloaded from: <--- Part 1 <--- Part deux

The two rar files are 90 Megabytes in size, but once unrared it is a 300 Megabyte ISO image.BTW: File will be removed automatically if there is no download for 30 days.

FSM (factory service manual) & owners manuals can be acquired in several ways:

Toyota Material Distribution Center
750 West Victoria St
Rancho Dominguez/Compton, CA 90220-5538
Ph:1-800-622-2033 (outside CA)(M-F: 7-5 PST)
Ph:1-800-443-7656 (inside CA)
Ph:1-310-818-4630 (in or outside CA)
Speak to Beverly or Deloris

1)buy a used one off e-bay
2)some Toyota dealerships may give you one or sell it for $10-20 (used) as most Toyota dealerships don't repair many old Toyotas and no longer need the service manual
3)some public libraries sell their old books as they are not in demand any longer
4)some free buy & sell classified papers, websites and bulletin boards may have some used ones for sale
5)some junk yards may have one laying around
6)some Toyota specialty garages may have one laying around and no longer use it as the vehicle may be too old and those mechanics probably have so much experience that they could publish their own factory service manual with corrections and "real world repair tips"
7)if someone has the FSM maybe they could scan all of the pages and post it on a site for all of us to download or view.

For scanned pages of factory service manuals for other engines: (with Supra 5M and 7M engines)
then click on “AARC” or “Auto repair reference center”


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