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Fuel Injection Cleaner

01-16-2006, 02:22 AM
I own an 87 Toyota pickup with a 95 v6 4.3L vortec. After purchasing the truck I installed an inline fuel pump. When I replaced the stock in-tank pump, I used generic rubber hose instead of fuel line. Eventually the hose collapsed on itself and i discovered where i went wrong. I havent driven the vehicle since i replaced the hose with fuel line. The gas in the tank is extemely cloudy. I have been told to use fuel injection cleaner by one person and not to use it by another. Someone else said that it will ruin your injectors and to use octane boost instead. I just dont want an injector to get clogged up.

01-16-2006, 08:38 AM
Since you haven't said how long the vehicle has sat with the gas in the tank, it leads me to believe by your description that the gas is stale, and/or contaminated. The shelf life of gas is roughly 30 days before you can start to experience problems with it. If it was my vehicle. I would drain as much of the old gas out of the tank as possible, and put fresh fuel in it. Over the years, I have encountered similar situations from small engines all the way to cars and trucks, and when you deal with gas thats bad, the best to do is get rid of it. You could spend a bunch of money on additives without being assured they will work, and in the end if they don't, then you'll have to drain the fuel out anyways. If you can get as much of the gas out as possible and put fresh gas in, the new gas will dilute the older stuff, and eventually will not be a problem. As an added precaution, if you go that route and replace the fuel in the tank, and get the vehicle running, I would add a bottle of dry gas, (the good stuff,) and then eventually a bottle of fuel injector cleaner. By not replacing the suspect fuel in the tank, you also run the risk of damaging the fuel system of the vehicle with whatever is contaminating the gas presently in the tank, thus possibly costing you even more money to repair.

01-16-2006, 10:20 PM
thank you

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