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92 S-10 Ignition Switch

01-15-2006, 11:27 AM
1992 S-10 P/U, 5 Spd., 4.3 tbi. Suddenly, it is almost impossible to turn the ignition key to off or to lock position. The key inserts perfectly and starts the car perfectly, but when I try to turn off the engine, the key won't move to the off position. Engine just keeps running. It sometimes takes 15-20 minutes of fiddling and pulling and twisting before it suddenly will turn off and the key can be removed. Tried a little lube in the lock cylinder in case the tumblers were sticking, but no difference. I have put enough strain on the key that I don't think it is the actual ignition switch, seems like something would have given way if it were the switch, and electrically, it performs great, once the key is in the proper position. Anyone have any experience like this or any ideas?


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