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iod fuse 1amp drain on battery?

01-14-2006, 11:19 AM
My Town@CTY has a iod(ignition off draw) 15a fuse. Chiltons book does not explain nor does the owners manual.problem;The battery is died if car sits for 5 days. Found battery draw 1amp constant. pull 15amp IOD fuse no more draw. any info would be of help please thank you.

01-14-2006, 12:42 PM
My 2001 Caravan SE has the same problem and I have found the 1amp draw disappears if I pull the IOD fuse AND/OR the HAZ LP fuse. I have had no luck trying to find the draw as all the lights (glove box, etc) all work as they should and no lamps are burned out. I understand the IOD fuse is used to disable the complete electrical system while the veh is in transit & the dealer will install the fuse at delivery - something about it preventing the radio, clock, (ignition off stuff) from draining the battery while the van sits on their lot. If you have ANY luck identifying the source of the 1amp draw let me know.

01-14-2006, 03:05 PM
1 amp is definitly too much for overnight. I had an 87 Accord that had a half amp draw that took me a long time to find.

What you need to place an amp meter across the open fuse in a place that is easy to see, and then start unplugging plugs that are on that circuit untill the current draw goes away. You will want to tape the switches on the door that operate the dome lights, so you can move about the car without turning the dome lights on.

In my case, I got lucky. I had gotten into the habit of unplugging the fuse whenever I parked. I had a pasenger in the car who heard a clunk inside my driver's door when I plugged in the fuse back in (the fuse also operated the horn, so I had to plug it back in). After pulling the door apart, It turned out to be a defective switch inside a solenoid that was part of the automatic seat belt system. The solenoid was only supposed to be active if the door was open, but the swithc was bad.

A simular test might work for you two. Have one person connect and disconnect the fuse, while another person goes around inside the car listening for clicking or groaning sounds. At one amp, it is most likely a motor or solenoid. For example, A bad switch in a power window might not turn off the motor when it reaches the end of travel, causing a drain. Another posibility is a tailgate solenoid.

01-14-2006, 03:45 PM
you must also leave time to let all the controllers go to sleep on these minivans if you connect the amp meter across - cable to battery then also connect a jumper wire the same way then leave sit for approx 15 minutes with every door closed and no acc on then remove jumper only this will be the actual ignition off draw on that vehicle i believe it shouldn't exceed .0035 ma

01-14-2006, 09:35 PM
i will try both suggetions soon

01-14-2006, 10:47 PM
I drove the 2002 T@Country today after charging battery over night.[ The battery was charged for 8 hours disconnected from car.]Let van sit for 5hours after the drive.Just went out to check drain on van now; found .005ma draw. The computers must be sleeping on the van or intermitant problem or maybe I had a switch reset "??????" I have patience. Thank you freinds we will discover.

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