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From Paper To Pavement (Article 3)

01-11-2006, 03:38 PM
Hello once again, this will be my third article in the erier. If you have not read the previous article i suggest you do so. you can view them on this forum.

Paper to pavement (article 3)

By Steve Earl

My previous article covered subjects from the original Design to the final rendered 3D model. At this point the model is perfectly serfaced for production, and has been tested for strength and aerodynamics.
Now comes some more technical designing, there are many options for are using existing parts for your vehicle.
I design my cars from the Body in, I Design the body, then inside the empty shell i insert the engine, transmision, drive line, and all suspension parts as they would sit normaly. I placed ponts on the body defining the center of the hubs (wheelebase, track). I then build the suspension component base on these points. I then insert the engine and transmision attached to the suspension. I Insert the stearingand braking as well. I also insert the basics of my interior leaving room only for the chassis. Then i design the chassis for maximum strength based on all of these features in the car.
I Design my own suspension but used an existing Engine and transmission, and have axles made my a machinist. After I design the chassis (Tube Frame) I design Mounts for all the components.
The process above is not as easy as it sounds. There are alot os small details to cover and alot of component. There are alot of suspension configurations to choose from. I used an Unequil length double wishbone set up with 13 inch brake rotors in the front, and 11 inch rotors in the back. I used a rach and pinion sterring set up and had steering control arms made. I used a Jaguar v12 engine and a Getrag 6 Speed transmission.
All the components and the transmission are imported into Pro Engineer where there are tested for all types of stress. After they have been put through these test, they are ready for a final CAD Blueprint,
The basics of the car have now been designed. My next article will include the design of the interior, The design of the Electrical system, and all of those little things that most want-to-be car designer and fabricators tend to over see, or just dont think of until they reach that point. Keep looking for my next article. Until next time...

Steve Earl

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