timing on a 91 PA

01-07-2006, 03:59 AM
how do u set the timing on a 91 PA ive asked alot of people but nobody dont seem to know how

01-07-2006, 07:57 AM
You do not have a timing adjustment on the DIS (distributorless ignition system). Timing is controlled by the PCM with feedback from sensors that determine such things as engine load, fuel, temperature, rpm, and vehicle speed. You will never know what degree it is set at idle or that it is variable while you drive, without using a live scanner to monitor. The only way to change the settings would be to burn a prom (chip) with new parameters on the OBD1, or to reflash the settings on the OBD11. Of course if that were done, other tables must also be altered to accommodate the timing changes. The factory settings are set up to give the least emissions and best fuel economy and not necessarily provide the best performance.

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