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Exhaust sytems and other upgrades in sacramento

D & 0 Zero to 60
01-06-2006, 12:17 AM
Hi guys,

This is not an advertisement but a request from you what you want to see in a new shop. We are planning to build the best shop you've ever seen in sacramento and we were wondering what you would like to be able to put your hands on quickly and what services you would like to have more of or have that are not in the sacramento area. We are not supposed to advertise that is why I do not want to give out the shop name here but your input would be appreciated so that we can serve the speed demonds in sacramento better. We will advertise in the paper and many other places for our grand opening. One thing I have already have many requests for was affordable access to quick dyno testing, so we are getting a dino and will be offering quick inexpensive "marker" dino tests so the average tinkerer can afford to know what gains his mods are giving him. Thanks in advance and drive safely.

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