Newbie from down under

01-04-2006, 07:56 AM
Gday all. I'm in South Australia and recently found this great site.
This is the biggest Isuzu forum I've seen yet!
I didnt see an intro section so I put mine here.
Us Isuzu owners only make up a small percentage of 4wd forumites in Oz so not a great deal of Isuzu info and interest on our forums.

Isuzu 4wd's arent considered as capable off roaders as the others available here but there's quite a few of us here who have proven them wrong :flipa:

I own a 98 Rodeo dual cab ute (pickup) It's a lively 3.2 V6 and dual fuel too (LPG) Only mod I've done so far is a 2" Tough Dog suspension lift.
Future ungrades will be 32"x16" tyres and wheels, upper ball joint flip with ext. front shocks, rear drawer system, 70lt fridge/freezer, rooftop tent and a snorkel.

Like women with fashion I've accessorised a bit (all necessary of course :grinyes: )
ARB winch bar Lambswool seatcovers
ROH Trakbuster chrome rims Rear step bar/bumper (home made)
Warn winch Roof console
112lt petrol tank GME UHF radio
50lt LPG tank Floor mud mats
Fibreglass Canopy Hella driving lights
4 Roof rack bars Sony MP3 and 4ch. amp
Rubberised inside the tub Kenwood & JBL Speakers
2x55W reverse lights MTX monoblock amp
Reversing sensors JBL 12" subwoofer
Hi-lift jack "Just Straps" recovery kit

As you can gather it's set up with a few creature comforts and for off road touring but it needs the future upgrades for more isolated touring.

I've only had it a few months but so far we've been up the SA/Victoria border track, the Coorong (90 mile beach), Little Desert National Park and some tracks up around the upper Murray River (Oz equivalent of the Mississipi?)
It's a great unit both on and off road I think I will keep it a while and I love the versatility of a 5 seater with a pick up rear.
Only thing I have against it is the design of the body construction. It's a bit too tinny for my liking.

Look forward to havin a chat and swapping info with you guys.

01-04-2006, 09:34 PM
That sounds like an impressive vehicle!

02-10-2006, 11:28 AM
im kind of late getting here. but welcome. the list or accessories on your vehicle makes me jealous.

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