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viper t56 differences?

01-01-2006, 11:52 PM
Hey all. I just snagged a brand new Viper T56 and I've been searching on the net for differences between the applications of GM, Ford, and Mopar. Here's what I've found so far; but this is going in a 96 Impala SS so I want to try and iron out any thing ahead of time so I at least know what I'm up against. If you know anything more could you fill me in?

-viper t56's shifter is a few inches farther forward
-viper's has larger input/output shafts
-viper's has a different bolt pattern to the bellhousing requiring the use of a Lakewood/McLeod bell
-viper's has a longer input shaft which may require machining to work in the GM

Anything else? I tried searching Tremec's website for the case casting number but it doesn't appear on the site. I searched for the case casting number which is the same for all the applications evidently, but that doesn't jive with what I found about the different front bolt pattern. Any good sites where I could research stuff?

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