Got to personally know Gerry, Invited as a VIP/ to International NY auto show!

12-31-2005, 11:20 PM
Ok......... To set some of the records straight and correct some false stories on Vectors history!!! :banghead:

I got to know Gerry Weigert in the 80's having requested for $25.00 a brochure of "strange yet modest means"... a small book, all photo copied of the know defunct Vector W2 Twin Turbo. By the way I purchased one from him through the mail and at the NY International car show, an autographed one was given to me. Recently the (non) autographed one was sold on Ebay to a man in Switzerland for $250.00, kind of telling you something about history ahhh! :loser:

Let me digress :uhoh:

Back before I met Gerry, we talked at length on the phone about the Vector, make that hrs at a time. I had a great interest in becoming a large investor as well as a car owner. ( I never did drive one) :crying:

Gerry told me he took the car to the Bonnyville Salt flats and laid out a blistering pass at 199 MPH :lol2: Look up your history in car mags and you will see that was in second gear, the shifter got stuck and the car over heated. (((( Air in the radiator made a bubble))) - wasn't purged well... :crying:

Down the years we lost contact, his company had a HARSH take over with investors, yet he still had 50+ controlling interest. Gerry still owns one of his Vectors, he now has a motorcyle that rides on water called a WX3 Wetbike that gets up to 75+ MPH.... go do a goggle search for WET BIKE, GERRY WEIGERT......

Having given up on interest with Vector, I know own a McLaren M6B Protoype good for 200 MPH..... and that is the rest of the news!!!!!

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