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4500 GX petrol Landcruiser distributor

12-20-2005, 06:46 AM
I have replaced a part in the distributor , a magnet type pickup or signal generator because the rats got into my engine bay and ate the wires off the old one. These wires go through the distributor case and are sealed onto the pickup or signal generator unit. ( part number 19250)
Trouble is that thinking it went in only one way I did not take care to note in what exact position the unit was screwed fast. ( with two little screws onto a metal backing ( part 19122 ) that will rotate clockwise if pushed by hand and spring back when released.) ( vaccum advance ? )

This unit has considerable play in the screw holes and can be twisted and installed too close to the rotor shaft so that the magnets impact the central shaft ( with little lobes on its base ) causing a rattle when running ( and it will run like this albeit with a barking exhaust sound ) or twisted too far away from the rotor shaft with the effect that the car will not start at all.

Where is the right place ? After a guesstimate setting my car runs well enough but its definately down on power. She battles to climb a hill that i drive up everyday as well as she did before. How do you set this things position ?


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