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12-19-2005, 06:11 PM
I recently started using color in my drawings. I've been doing a lot of toons based on Jhonen Vasquez's work. I bought this starter set of drawing pencils... and these colored penclis... (set of 24). I've tried so many combinations of colors and shading and come up with zilch when it comes to creating a skintone that looks right. thats the one i need skintone on. I know its not that great. I'll buy some better quality paper later and take my time...i learned the hard way how to use pastel pencils. This one I think is a pretty funny/cool pic so I'll post it up too... he looks a litte pidgeon toed? Anyhow, C+C and skintone tips are greatly accepted, thanks. I'm trying to come up with a few of my own characters so I can do like a comic based on what folks on AF can come up with so...

12-20-2005, 10:01 AM
Skin tones are tough with prisma's... Its just using the right colors and when to blend, when not to blend... Depending on what set of prismas you got, If you have the 128 color set, they have some real good skin color tones, if you just have the 12, or 24 set.. You will have to blend certain tones to get what you are looking for...

A few of my projects on my site are in prisma's... There are a few that have skin tones....

sorry i couldnt be more of help to ya.. Just explore with your prismas and find out what works and what doesnt work..

Practice, practice, practice...


12-21-2005, 05:39 PM
cool, dude. Thanks. Is there a decent set of pencils i should look at for skin tones? Like, one that isnt $ (HONU, you lied! You said drawing was cheap! haha)

12-21-2005, 06:59 PM
elementskater15 dickblick is way
expensive. Try any michael's.
Have you ever thought about a tablet?
A cheap wacom cost about as much as some
nice prismacolors. You should try one.
Makes coloring and rendering your pencil
work much easier. Plus prismacolor
is wayyyy slow.
But some of my fave artists use CP.
Check out CF Payne.
He is a prismacolor God.

12-21-2005, 07:56 PM
werd, i got all my pencils/sketch paper at Michael's in Panama City. Thanks for the advice.

Edit: So ,you're suggesting a setup similar to this one?

12-22-2005, 09:18 AM
Well:P I was talking about simple pencil/paper sketches. But, now that you're hooked in the loop, it costs hella lots once you get All the pencils, pencil crayons, blending instruments, kneaded erasers, pencil lengtheners, sharpeners, high quality markers, Pens, Lead pencils, Me a pagani zonda, tortillions, good quality BLANK paper, none of that lined crap:p

Yeah it adds up fast.

12-22-2005, 09:25 AM
i think the tablet may be a good investment. And no, no Zonda for you. Not till you get a ferari F-50 for me.

12-22-2005, 09:40 AM
Well, I am glad you posted your ?.

I checked your work. It needs to have more color, deeper tone. It looks good though.

There are tons of books by North Light books
I know they have stuff on skin tone (ppl in all kinds of mediums).
Also you might want to join the NL club. It is cheep and I have had a good experience. If you don't want to do that review books at Barnes&Noble and then get the books from Amazon or
Trust me Amazon is a better value than B&N on most things.

Another option to learn more is to go to your library. I know they have books on rendering people. Many of the NL books are at libraries.

Finally, I suggest posting your work at, in the graphite and color forums. I say graphite because that is more active than the color sub-forum. Just let them know you are wanting to learn skintone. You can also post and ask from the pros at Artpapa is a very nice forum and smaller than wetcanvas.


12-22-2005, 10:34 AM
Thanks, man. I've already joined those forums. I have a little over $3 left in my account thanks to the holidays so the books will have to wait. I'll pick them up when the tourist season comes around again in a few weeks and get a job busing tables. Here's one I did late last night... . Awwww...she's so cute!

12-22-2005, 06:55 PM
dickblick is way
expensive. Try any michael's.

Man i'm glad you said something, I was just about to buy some from dickblick. I saw 15 bucks for a 24 pencil set and was like whoohoo because that is exactly half the price compared to my local art supply store. I was down there today and they wanted 30.99 for the 24 pencil set. Now I'm gonna check out Michael's.

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