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I drove a 360 - pics + vids

12-15-2005, 07:48 AM
Hey guys... i drove a Ferrari for the first time ever a few days ago :smokin: :p

It was a 360 Modena with the F1 gearbox. I could rave about it for hours but i'll try to keep it short.

My first experience in the car was as a passenger. This is much, much scarier than being in the driver's seat as you dont know when the driver is going to plant his foot to the floor. Driving it is another thing altogether. You don't notice the cheap switches and lousy quality interior, and seeing that engine in the rear view mirror before you set off is a very nice feeling :)

There isn't much torque at low revs but once over 3 or 4 thousand RPM (i was trying to keep my eyes on the road) the acceleration kicks in and the car simply flies. The noise is sensational and you are thrown back into your seat. Passengers are guaranteed to shit themselves! Working up the gears with your foot to the floor is a breathtaking feeling but i would have much preferred a proper manual as the F1 gearbox isn't that fast; the gears don't really slam home quickly enough. It does blip the throttle very nicely on downchanges though. Great sound! Another negative point is that the car squirms around quite a lot under heavy braking. I dont know if the gearbox and brakes on this car were knackered, it had covered quite a few miles in the last few years ('02 model).

Anyway, these negative points don't really detract from the joy of driving the car. It really is extremely fast, sounds incredible (i dont know if the car i drove had a louder exhaust system than normal 360's but it certainly sounded like it), and the whole experience is immensely pleasurable. I'm beginning to understand the 'point' of Ferrari. Other cars go as fast but few combine that pace with the drama and sound that a Ferrari does. Cliché, i know, but it's true. If you're a shy person, this isnt the car for you. You really do feel very self-conscious in this car.

Anyway, i took a few pics (the whole thing was very rushed so they're not brilliant) and a few short vids. I hope you enjoy them :)

PICS ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (


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