2.2 p12 diesel cam chain rattle

12-06-2005, 05:27 PM
I have an 02 P12 2.2 diesel with wot I suspect is a noisy cam chain. It sounds as though the chain is slapping against the casing(a bit worrying). After a run u can't hear it anymore. The engine has done 106,000 miles I'm not sure how the chain is kept tensioned. Has anyone else had the same/similar problem or able to shed sum lite on this? Ta very much.

12-14-2005, 04:38 PM
[this is quite common on p12 yd22. you will need to replace the timing chain, tensioner and possibaly the guides. this is not a hard job to do just a pain to get all the bolts. if you need any info let me know.

12-14-2005, 04:40 PM
[this is quite common on p12 yd22. you will need to replace the timing chain, auto tensioner and possibaly the guides. this is not a hard job to do just a pain to get all the bolts. if you need any info let me know.

01-07-2006, 11:07 PM
Hi NissanTech.

Sorry to bother you. I 'm from Portugal and own a Nissan Primera P12 2.2 Di 126bhp 03/2002.

Previously I had a Primera P10 1.6e. Excellent car!!! Made over 300000Km with no problems at all!

This one has 100000Km, but the build quality is terrible and the chassis is weak - no confort with bad handling and very bad torsional rigidity...

But until now the problems I had is N-Form electronic faults, rear brakes block in normal braking situations, and strange noises in the steering wheel.

More recently the engine noise is getting louder, even with new oil and hot... The performances are worst also, but that maybe from the sensor near the air filter...

Can it be the problem you mentioned? The Nissan dealers here are incompetent.... I'm affraid of what it might happen with the motor...

Is the turbo from this model weak?

I've made a great effort to buy a reliable japanase car with a 2.2 diesel engine and only 126bhp (in theory more reliable than a 1.9 TDi with 150bhp...) based on previously experience with the P10 and I think I bought a worst car than a Renault Laguna... After all, the rear view mirror says "Renault"... Itīs a shame on Nissan.
The recent reliability studies show that Nissan is getting worse and worse... Now I can see why.

Sorry about my english.
Thank you very much for your attention.

Rui Valente

10-01-2006, 08:04 PM
same problem here, cold engine produces noices, and no noices when engine gets warm. I called Nissan Dealer for it, suspecting that my timing chain is getting worn out. and they said that nothing needs changing. as to them, Timing chain is expected to run with the life of the engine.

one of my other mates had this problem started on his 69k primera (under warranty), but to him, the noice was continuous,, as his was under warranty, so nissan fixed it for free, and it wasnt timing chain problem, but the belt for water pump was making noise. if you find some more replies regarding that, please let me know as well, as I am as well fed up of it, though Nissan's dealers didnt took serious notice of it (ignored the problem), means it might be usual with primera's exceeding 100K (mine;s at 106 nearly as well).

02-24-2010, 03:15 PM
hi. I've had the same problem with my nissan 2.2dci.(2002 50K).rattling noise in cold weather, after a while when the engine gets warm the noise dissapered. I went to dealer to ask about what it could be. they said it's probably the chain but they have to diagnose it first. They booked me in and said if its the chain it will cost me about 1400 pounds. So I decided to go to different garage. They made a quote and said it will cost me 650 pounds to replace it all(2 tensioners 2 chains and pump). So the mechanic told me to live it there through the night so they can have a look in the morning when the engine is cold what it exactly is. Next day he phoned me and said I can pick up my car. When I got to the garage I was surprised. he said it will cost me 50pounds. He also said that it isn't the chain. he said, that he striped the belt that runs the alternator,water pump and compressor then he lubricated pullies and then he put it back together and the noise was gone. he did it in october 2009 and I don't have the problem again( touch the wood). I think I've heard the noise maybe once or twice but only for like 3 sec. just make sure u change your belt every 2-3 years depence on what milage you do. he said it probably is the belt, he mentioned bubbles on the belt.( don't know exactly what it means). But I'm happy as long as it works. sorry for my english.

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