1993 325ic steering rack help R&R

11-28-2005, 09:32 PM
I have a 325ic that is leaking steering fluid from the right boot. Should I rebuild it myself or buy a refurbish one? Can I jack up the engine enough with only the motor mounts loose or do I need more parts undone? Any help or hints would be great. Do I need any special tools? How about the air bag and disconnecting it? I have a Hanes manual but that not much help. How long should it take? Dave

12-03-2005, 06:38 PM
Not a bad job at all. It took me about 4 hours to do it. I spent about an hour of that in aligning the steering wheel with the front tires. I started by removing the baiter cable so the air bag will not deploy. Then the front tires. Next back off the tie rod nuts just so there flush with the top of the bolt. I then hit the nut with a small hammer and they pop right off. I then removed the two large hoes to the rack (19mm and 22mm). The pump and resorver fluid ran out. I then removed the bolt closes to he rack on the steering column. Next removed the two bolts that hold the rack to the frame. Now here is the trick you bend the sheet metal tabs down about 45% and use an old screw drive to wedge in the split at the steering coupling that you have the bolt removed from. The rack should come out now. Take good measurement of all the tie rod setting. Remove the tie rod end and CLAMPS, the black cap that is on the rack where the spine steering shaft is and any hose clamps or holders. I used a rebuilt from http://www.meridianautoparts.com/. It was $225. And great services and help from them. The rebuilt one went right back in but I had to align the tires with the steering wheel. I took a long 2x4 and put it from the rear tire sidewall to the fount side of the tires. I had my boy hold the wheel in the BMW strait and I slid the wheel shaft on to the rack. Job do and the steering wheel are strait when you go down the road. I still need to go the front end aligned. I hope this helps. Dave

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