944 for sale

11-20-2005, 10:24 PM
hey guys - im selling my '83 porsche, figured i'd post it here.

i live near buffalo, NY...

79k miles, 5sp, its never seen a winter, has no rust at all, ive replaced a lot of the older components, i replaced the brake master cylinder, reservoir, stainless steel lines, pads, and rotors about 1k miles ago, replaced the left tie rod assembly yesterday because it was a little loose, and a few other parts that were getting a little worn.

the tires are in great condition, and i've replaced the stock stereo with an mp3/cd/auxillary in port Dual brand head unit. it sounds great and fits like it's suppossed to be there.

it runs great and gets great fuel milage and definately has full power, but i am a poor college student and need the money, unfortunately.

I'm looking to get $4200 for it, but i'm negotiable on price.

feel free to email me at clawcraft181@yahoo.com or give me a call at (716)866-6784. My name is Rob.

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