Engine swap. '94 Previa

11-20-2005, 07:35 PM
Appears that it ran out of water in the cooling system.

Looking for ideas and suggestions for what all to do/check/change during engine swap. The van has over 175,000 miles on it.

Operator was driving and says it started acting sluggish. Pulled over and it was smoking and REAL hot under the hood. Says the temp gauge did not show warning of hot. Let it cool off for about 20 minutes and checked the radiator. NO liquid showing. Started dumping water into the radiator. It started snap - crackle - pop and BANG, something broke. OOPs. Now when turn over, it acts like compression is screwed up. It won't even try to start. I don't know what it broke: Head? Block? Pistons?

I bought a used '20,000-60,000 mile Japan take out' to swap out. I have never had to do anything major to this van, so this will be my first exploration with this vehicle. Sounds like I have to take the seats and interior panels out to get to wiring and connections. I don't know what else has to come out to drop the engine and transmission out.

The transmission has not indicated any problems. I am planning to change the filter and fluid in the transmission. Anything else to check/change/adjust while I am in there?

Supposedly, the engine that I bought was compression checked. I was not provided with any results. I am expecting that I need to use most of the old stuff off of my engine. Should I change the timing belt?

Anything else?

12-05-2005, 11:29 AM
Nobody works on their own vehicles anymore? :( We got the old engine out and the 'new' one almost back in. What a bunch of hoses and wires and connectors...

Was a pain to have to take the seats and carpet out to get the access panel off to the right side. No wonder a tune up takes several hours. Couldn't even get spark plugs out without doing the seat and cover. Was a little bummed when I first got the cover off that I might not have HAD to do all that, because it looked like there wasn't really anything in there to need to get to but as we got further with taking everything loose it looks like it was good and nice to at least have the access to look and check even if it may not have been totally necessary.

Got the transmission loose from the old engine and took the pan off the transmission to see if there was anything in there that showed signs of need. There were two magnets stuck to the inside of the pan to try to catch any iron pieces circulating in the oil. Cleaned those up. Not bad at all. The 'Filter' is just a fine screen and it didn't eve look dirty, much less have any media that needed changed. Did take it off to check underneath for anything and there was NOTHING to see. Had to use up the gasket to put it back together, so I put a new 'filter' in anyway. I really wouldn't bother taking the 'filter' out again. Tried dumping ATF out of the torque converter to get all fresh fluid in the whole transmission. Didn't get very much oil out of the TC at all. Maybe they have a lot less space in there now than they used to back in the '70s? Seems like we used to get a couple quarts out of the TC alone. I had been a little surprized when the parts store told me that it only took 3 quarts of ATF. I thought they meant with a pan and gasket oil change and not with transmission OUT of the vehicle and empty the TC. Maybe it is 3 quarts is for everything.

All the parts seemed to go back together a lot faster than when it came out. Still not sure where all those little hoses and tubes go. We did look at them when we took them off and they LOOKED pretty much straight forward for where they should go... but a week later, we dunno... Looking for hose diagrams or pictures. The 'new' engine didn't have a little actuator under the throttle body that was on the old one. Fast Idle? Maybe the vehicle didn't have A/C? Cold weather item? Different Model Year? Is it important? The port that the little tube was connected to on the throttle body is not even drilled out and the bolt holes were not tapped for screws. We didn't drill out the port, but did tap the holes and screwed the accuator up there anyway, just to have a place to save it.

Getting ready to try and fire this sucker up in the next couple of days.

12-21-2005, 02:06 AM
I suggest calling your local toyota dealer.Ask for a faxed copy of the info you need.If they wont fax it call another dealership.Ask for the parts dept.
How is the engine change going?

12-21-2005, 09:32 AM
I suggest calling your local toyota dealer.Ask for a faxed copy of the info you need.If they wont fax it call another dealership.Ask for the parts dept.
How is the engine change going?
Got it running. It smoked a BUNCH. Had to burn out the stuff that had accumulated. That settled down. Water pump looked like it was going to leak. Had some water dribbling out. That quit. (Note to self: Keep close eye on water levels and possible leaks.) Drives FINE. I'm happy. Thanks for the suggestion to maybe find pictures at parts dept.

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