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AC Compressor

11-11-2005, 12:58 PM
HELP! I just bought a house and I am broke. The AC compressor went on my 97 mirage and I have been told it will be $800. I have been told that I could just cut the belt and still be able to drive the car but someone else said that it is very possible that on my vehicle my power steering belt also runs my AC compressor...does anyone know if this is true? I have the de 4dr sedan 1.5l engine.

11-11-2005, 11:11 PM
yep. its true. ill tell ya what ya do. cut the belt. BUT BEFORE YOU DO do you know where it is? if not, its to the left of the motor, towards the front, there are 3 pulley to that belt, the crank, AC, and P/S, cut the belt in half as clean as you can, the assembly on the top is the PS under that is the AC compressor, behind them is the crank, take the clean cut belt and run it from the crank pulley to P/S pump pulley, over lap the belt on the P/S pump pulley and mark it, cut the excess off, and pull it as tight as you can, trim more off if needed. the objective to this is to see how big the belt needs to be, then go to an auto store and show them and ask for a belt that is that size, ITS OK if the belt has 3 grooves instead of 4 as long as you get it tight enough on the pullies by using the tensioner bolt. THATS the easiest way to run no AC and have P/S. and i have done it all, AC and P/S to NO ac and P/S to no AC and no P/S which is where im at now. its not so bad not having PS you get use to it but SOMEDAYS i wish i still had AC but it is all worth it. if you need anything else just ask

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