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Brake Parts???

11-08-2005, 06:19 PM
I am new to this forum but not new to GM vehicles.
I dont play the game of one manufacturere over the other as I am A custom metal worker. If it works well it must be good.
Anyway hopefully someone her can help me outof a jam---
Iím converting my 2wd 68 Ford f100 Pickup from drum to all wheel disc. I picked up the disc front suspension from a junkyard out of a 78 ford f150. I went to AutoZone for the new calipers and the Rotors. I picked up the replacement 78' front rotors and calipers no hassel.
For The rear calipers I ordered are for a 78 Cadillac Eldorado as they are the choice Bolt-on single piston calipers for the conversion. But there was a foul up on my order for the rear calipers and they only had the passengerís side. I inspected the thing closely and found the E-brake and the cable bracket doesnít come with the caliper also the retaining nut was bent into an oval and wouldnít thread. Also there is no cable lever bracket, no brake hose fitting or banjo bolt, and no Bolts. Ya know the two that hold the caliper to the axel bracket. The bolts I figured I might have to pick up but the rest I hoped would be there since I donít have Eldorado cores.
If I had been able to afford the kit it would have been at least $1300 for a comparable brake system and actually more because the front clip would be a bigger expense to swap in a mustang 2 set up. At least this way everything is over the counter for repair and maintenance.
So far for the conversion I have spent $628 and I still need the absent hardware and to install new brake lines. Does anyone have a preference for brake lines? And what size tubing Ė should I stay with the stock diameter or are there any benefits to changing it? In particular should I change it since now Iím converted from drum to disc? Also does anyone have a source for the Cadillac brake hardware that I need to pick up?

11-13-2005, 09:35 PM
By far the easiest way is to hit a wrecking yard and find the parts off an Eldo.
There are several specialty Cadillac - only yards on the net, such as:

As for the lines, stock is fine. There is no advantage for using a larger diameter line.

You have changed the master cyl and proportioning valve to all-disc compatible components, right?

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