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1989 Mirage won't start help plz....

11-07-2005, 08:45 PM
I have a 1989 mirage 1.5L Automatic and it was really hard to start in the mornings. Usually had to start it about 8 times before it would stay running. Then I had to let it run for about 10 mins before I could move it or it would just choke out and die. Well last friday morning when I got it started, which was actually on like the second try which is not common. The idle on it was surging and amazingly I was able to give it gas and rev it up where normally it would kill it if I touched the gas pedal. After I reved it up it still did not stop surging. I went on in the house figure maybe after the car warmed up it would level out. I came back out about 5 mins later and the car had shut off and has not started since. It has a new cap and rotor, new plugs and wires, replaced the fuel preasure regulator on the end of the fuel rail. The strange thing is when we took the fuel line off to test to see if I was getting any fuel flow it filled up a cup in about 3 seconds. But there was not any preasure on the line and there was no preasure in the fuel rail when I took it apart. But when we had the line off and I tried to start the car we did get fuel. Also checked and I am getting spark, and we sprayed starting fluid into the intake and the car would'nt start then even. I am really baffled by all of this. Again this is a Mitsu mirage 1989 1.5L multipoint fuel injection. Anyone have any ideas or similar problems?

11-08-2005, 06:17 AM
I think the next step is to put a fuel pressure gauge on it and see what you have. Have you verified that you have spark by holding a plug wire near a ground while someone else cranks it over?

11-08-2005, 01:54 PM
Yes I had someone check while I turned it over. Last night we went to put a fuel pump in that we got from a pull apart and when we were putting it in. We accidently kinked and cracked the aluminum line on the fuel pump. We tried to JB weld it and let it sit up overnight but no luck lol.

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