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Mirage LS help

11-07-2005, 03:02 PM
Hi All,
we have a 95 mitsu mirage LS, 1.8L motor, that has a bad oil leak, that looks like it is coming out by the front passenger side of the head, around the sending unit, but it is not the sending unit...I have changed the valve cover gasket also, thinking maybe it was coming from there, but that didn't fix it either...Anyone else have this problem?

Also, was told that I have to use a special tranny fluid, is that true, or can I use another one more readily avail in my area. Like a dexron or equivalent? The special fluid, is hard to find here in my little town so if there is another one I can use, please let me know! Also, how often do I need to change the fluid?

11-07-2005, 05:39 PM
Can't help on the oil leak.
You do need special trans fluid. It's called Diamond SP, with SP III being the current version, IIRC. A couple of the oil companies market some that they claim are acceptable substitutes. You'd have to check the labels. They run about $3+/qt, IIRC. I went around on this issue a couple of years ago and finally bought the real deal for my daughter's Mirage at the dealer for about $4 or $5/qt, IIRC. Dexron and Mercron are not acceptable. Quaker State ATF+3 is not acceptable per Quaker State.
Every 30K/3yrs should be OK mileage/time wise. Owners manual should have something on it.

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