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Why NOT to buy

11-01-2005, 12:36 PM
This may wind up being long winded. hear me out.

In the next year/ or two i'm saving up about 1000 a month and plan on buying a nice sports car. Nice being in the 40-60 thousand range after about 20 grand down.

I've looked at lots and lots of cars out there. and i've narrowed it down to 4 cars. Truthfully the only way i'd be happy is to own all four, but alas! I recently learned money does NOT grow on trees.

The four cars in question are :
2006 Corvette Z06
2003 - Mercedes Benz SL500 or 600
Lamborghini Countach Newer the better (or a diablo if they've come down enough)
Ferrari 355 Newer the better

Now i can look at a stats list and find a dozen reasons to buy any of these cars. Now i want to know why i shouldn't buy them. Heres what i think so far.

Vette. Cept for a diablo, the new z is by far the fastest of the bunch. Has only a V-8 although 7.0 litres is huge! Cheap interior . can get some amenities like dvd nav and premium sound. Everyone has a vette! not very exclusive. no convertible! can afford one with a warranty.

mercedes. I am a proud owner of a c-class so i know mercedes is awesome for interiors. 600 has powerful V-12. (cant afford a sl65 :( 605 hp 720lbs torque....oooooohhhh) As luxurious a ride as you can get. heavy for a sports car. Mercedes safty record (trust me. i hit a concrete wall in mine at 60mph and me and the car live). power Hard top.

Lambo. Coutach is somewhat slow compared to some of the other cars. Diablo would be nice. Exclusivity. You see a lamborghini, you stop and stare. No convertible. Diablo did have a road\ster prob too new to be affordable in two years. V-12 sound. If you cant pick up chicks in a lamborghini you have problems :) Boyhood dream car.

Ferrari: testarossa would be nice too. no convt though. 355 has convertible. Slightly slower than other cars on list. Ferrari! ummm... help? Why didn't they make 360's 15 years ago?

Please add anything else! Maintenence costs, upgradeable?, MPG, Can i add navigation/system easily, interior nice/crap, resale value (NO!).

Anything will help. I dont want to buy something half as much as my house without a good idea of what i'm getting into.

And ahead of time, thanks for all the help :)

11-01-2005, 07:44 PM
dude save your money for a vette. ferrari is 100 times the vette but you would never afford the maintance. $5000.00 to have the timing belts done every 25K. Try and find parts. Cap, rotor, wires for a testarossa? $1200.00+labor. Been there-done that. My advise look into Porsche-lots of bang for the buck

11-02-2005, 05:51 AM
Expensive! But if i know these things ahead of time, i can make a good descision.

Yeah porsche is a very good car. I just dont like the way they look. I've looked at preobably every sports car out there and this is what fit my price/want list :)

And the deiciding fator might be the missus. She says she wouldn't mind the 70 grand spent on a vette but she thinks the others are ugly :)

11-02-2005, 07:37 AM
well, the decision is yours but if you buy a new vette you get a warranty. If you have to finance a ferrari you won't be able to afford the payment and the repairs. But the ferrari is far and away the better car. Best of luck

11-02-2005, 07:40 AM
true. I've seen testarossa for 55 thousand. Which would make my finace 35000 (after downpayment.)
Hell i'll prob try to find a used Z first too. If i can get it down to 40000 or so thats a manageable payment. both my cars now were about that price.

But yes i agree. dont want to fix something i'm paying that much for either.

11-14-2005, 01:05 PM
i would have save another year then, so you could buy a 360(though the F355 is my favourite, but to many kits though). my expectations are that the value of the 360 would go down since the 430 now is released. if you can find an 1999-eraly 2000 one, you would have the money for it i think.

as much as i love the corvette, i would buy one because its WAY to common.

countach? to many kits around for that one to. i would buy a diablo if you have the money for it. but i think with the maintanance the lamborghini would be the most expensive.

mercedes sl500-600. not exclusive. its a nice car, i agree. my dad drives a new E-class, and he loves it. he would buy an sl600 if he wanted to(but my mom doesnt want him to buy new expensive cars anymore, as he had a brand new jaguar XJR a few years back, and after 3 weeks he drove it in the back of an opel astra with 40mph...$20.000+ damage) they are so nice those sl's, but you never get the thrill of a ferrari or lamborghini.

porsche's? nice cars, fast. but i always thought of porsches: '' why spend 90.000 on a porsche 911 turbo, why you could save up another extra 20 to buy, say F430?''

i should stick with the ferrari, if youre going to spend big bucks, spend it good!

why not rent all of the cars on the list first? then you're decision should be a lot easier.

12-31-2005, 02:05 PM
Okay, Here's my opinion. Take it for what it's worth and that may not be much.
The Corvette will be the most fun to drive with the with the Ferrari coming in at a very close second, but the Corvette has not taken the resale hit that most of the others have. Look at the '04/05 Z06; you can grab them in the high 30s. The car is a great looking car but in two years it will have half the head turning value.
The Merc SL. If you are going to do a cannonball run take that car. No nevermind, just forget the SL unless you are over 55.
The Countach is possible to find in that price range though you might want to up your deposit money just a bit. This will definately be the eye catching car of them all and turn all heads. Even my wife notices a Lamborghini. This car has is not going to depreciate any more. They are becoming more and more rare as the days go on, but because it an older car, so is the technology. An awesome car in all rights, if maintained very well this 375 hp (heavy) beast is an excellent buy.
Finally, my personal favorite. We are in a F355 forum aren't we? Ferrari's are pure sportscar. Not that two of these others aren't. This car has the best of everything. It has taken it's price hit. It's still a head turner and it will outperform the SL5/600 and the Lamborghini. Any Ferrari will have extremely high maintenance costs, but so will the Mercedes and it won't be nearly as high as the Lambo. Go with the Ferrari

01-02-2006, 06:37 AM
only problem witht the countach and he F355 are that there are a lot of copies around:((forgot to add it sorry)

01-03-2006, 06:38 AM
i appreciate the comments superstock!
Although it appears the wife is gonna curve my descicion ALOT! but i'll still have a damn fast car. I think were gonna get a C5 corvette convertible and then have lingenfelter to a twin turbo custom engine on it. expensive but still about the same price of any other car on my list.
Plus i'll get the C5 racing body put on it to stand out a little in the crowd.

and yeah, if i could afford it, a 360 spyder would hit my list. but then again if i was dreaming i would buy a jaguar XJ220 just because they've always been a dream car of mine :)

01-04-2006, 05:08 PM
The C5 is my favorite corvette out there. That Lingenfelter package is out of this world and you can install it at any time keeping your costs separate or together. An aquaintance of mine drives the C5 corvette that the factory raced in American LeMans for the 2004 season. You won't be disappointed at all.

01-31-2014, 09:29 PM
amazing i forgot about this thread lol
2nd wife and i did own a sl 600 for about 9 months
NOT a bad purchase. it was a 2005
with the programming chip hp went from 493 to just a tad over 600

there is no better sleeper out there than the sl

interior was sick. suede on the roof and leather dash. heated cooled and massaging seats with the amg braking kit and rims

cons. expensive maint. radiator 1500 and 1 (one really) rear strut 2 grand.
also for a 600 hp car it was too quiet. you couldnt hear it when it was on.
for a bentley prob a good thing. for a roadster....

still hard top convertible always turned heads and can you say v12?

i miss my car....

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