S-type R versus clk55 amg

10-29-2005, 06:45 AM
Hi everyone, just joined today and have a question for you all. Am currently deliberating between buying one of these two cars.(S-type R or clk55 amg). Have driven both (2003 models),and have to say am equally impressed.
They both seem to have the same-ish power to weight ratio. But I tend not to believe the mags for performance figures. Has anyone raced a clk55 amg? straight line,drag race -what happened?. Also reliability wise one reads lots of horror stories about both marques - any experiences
would be welcome.

10-29-2005, 11:31 AM
Well, first off, welcome to AF. You may want to check out the rules soon so's you dont get booted for somthing.

Traditionally, I dont tell people which car is better when they are comparing 2 or 3 cars they want to buy. I more or less state the benefits and drawbacks of the listed cars. These cars are similar, but they have different buyers. The Jag's customers are probably going to be middle aged men who want a fast car, but dont want to buy into an image the, say, a Mercedes AMG or BMW M might have. They also want space for 5 people to travel in reletive luxury and style. The CLK55 buyer is younger and wants the AMG image of wealth and class. They are more performance driven than the Jag R's buyer. Both have stlye and what it takes under the hood, but it all depends on what YOU want from your car.

Jag S-Type R:
Sedan (more rear legroom for people in the back)
Not a cop radar magnet
Subtle (as in not showing off) pefromance

Not as sporty as the CLK55
Less aftermarket parts available
Not a coupe

Mercedes CLK55 AMG:
Its an AMG
Plenty of aftermarket parts available

Mercedes build quality
Expensive maitenence
Rear legroom

On the note of quality, Jaguar has actually been third in initial quality (after Lexus and Acura). But thats recent, I dont know how a 2003 would rank. And Mercedes quality, well I dont think I even need to elaborate. The numbers speak for themselves.

So, for me, I would have to say that I would get the S-Type R. Its a sedan with plenty of legroom, and not a cop magnet. I have a friend who's cousin bought a CLK55 and went damn near 150 in it on the freeway. So if speed is what you want, then CLK it up. But thats just my opinion. Good luck on whichever you choose.

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