No Bumper Supports! they protruded further than bumpers

10-14-2005, 11:25 PM
My friend wants me to switch his body kits on his 1999 Mirage 4 door tomorrow- but when his old POS fiberglass 8pc widebody was installed the bumper supports were removed and thrown away. 'supposedly' they protruded further than the ghetto fiberrglass bumper itself so they were thrown away.
Has anyone ever heard of or experienced mirage bumper supports preventing certain kits (Evo 8pc fiberglass widebody) bumpers from mounting properly?
im a honda/acura nut and it sounds to me like someone made these two bumpers in their backyard and forgot to test fit them..

SUGGESTIONS FOR supplementing missing bumper supports?
(I know I know, he needs to replace them if he wants to live through even a fender bender, but hes cheap)

10-15-2005, 10:24 PM
do you mean the steel bumper itself, or the supports that hold the OEM bumper to the steel bumper. ill tell you a couple things, 1 they probably went off the jdm evo lancer bumpers to build these, one major thing is wrong with this, bumpers dont stick out as far on the JDM lancer, you know how the US is with safety, they added a couple more inches of protection with a thick foam insert and i believe the bumper itself is a bit bigger, so the jdm fitment isnt the same as ours. couple things you can do, 1 remove the bumper if its not already removed, or mod it to fit. i think the kit your talkin about is the same way my kit was, if it is put a couple sheet metal screws through the top where you can bolt it to the support that runs over the headlights and radiator. then rig some kinda support under bumper cover, where the steel bumper would be to stablize it more. i suggest goin to home depot, gettin a strip of flat 1.5 or 2 inch wide aluminum(should be around 3ft long), then measuring a couple places where it would make it more stable and cut the alum. to fit with a 2 bends, both 90 deg. just opposite so you can fiberglass(or jb quik weld if you dont have the time) one end to the inside of the bumper, then bolt the other end to a good radiator support point. AND for the rear steel bumper it may have to come off all together to fit, but i dont think that is a problem for stab. i think the mountin points are the same unlike the front bumper. FFFeeeewwww, hope i helped some, im tired :lol:

10-16-2005, 05:20 PM
[QUOTE=evoryda]do you mean the steel bumper itself, or the supports that hold the OEM bumper to the steel bumper. ill tell you a couple things, QUOTE]
The actual steel bumper itself as well as the square posts that protrude out to it are both removed, the bumpers are flapping around in the wind. the owner dropped the vehicle off with a totally busted up 8 pc widebody/rear fender flare evo kit. He also dropped off replacement polyurethane bumpers and skirts, and im going to have to fabricate half of one of the rear flares.

Its a pretty bad idea to encourage the driver to go cheap and just put brackets to hold the bumper in place, and not searching junkyards for the OEM 99mirage bumper supports. I know pretty much all my 88-2000 civic/integra/del sol ones are all about the same dimensions, but i dont think ill be able to even find and 99 mirage bumper supports in san diego.

So i might just put in huge steel elbows where the posts should be and a flat steel 3" tall bar across. padded by 1/2" thick tough foam padding to help it contour and hold the bumper up.
Any suggestions for putting on replacement body kit bumpers with no bumper supports whatsoever until he is able to get OEM bumper supports?

10-18-2005, 10:44 PM
here you go bro. emZ8005561506QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V less than 45 shipped

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