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any known 2000 9-5 problems

10-10-2005, 07:27 PM
hello, i am currently looking at buying a 2000 saab 9-5 with 55000 miles for 6900 i looked up blue book and it was around 13000 so by the looks for it this seems like a good deal. i really know nothing about saabs for i am an audi guy but really like this car. is there anything i should be aware about this car? is there any maintance that i will need to do soon? i noticed on this forum, there seems to be problems with the 99 9-5 are these the same problems with the 2000. also if anyone knows what are the specs on this car(0-60, braking time, quarter mile, gas) any help would be great!

10-18-2005, 09:40 AM
i would be very suspicious about this car. the price seems too good. ask them why it is so cheap. it probably has a leaking timing cover, a broken heater box, a broken sid display, worn out brake rotors, among a few other things. these are the big ones i see a lot. the trionic probably needs updating too. throttle bodies are prone to failing. idm (formally known as di cassettes) are known problems. there is a campaign coming out in march to replace the idm on that car. if it is a manual tranny, it may need a new grenade assembly or synchros. if it is an auto, it may be not be shifting correctly. we have seen quite a few failed auto trannies lately in our shop. the 2000 9-5's are slightly better than the 99's, but still risky. pretty expensive to fix this car. saab didnt make it easy to work on like the 9-3. the power seat chassis is probably noisey/loose. they are $3200.
what model is it? base? v-6? aero? arc?

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