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04-06 ralliart lancer mivec parts into mirage

10-02-2005, 12:17 AM
will the new ralliart lancer parts be compatible with the mirage and will the 2.4L engine parts be also compatible with the mirage, such as the turbo, pistion upgrade, ect.

10-09-2005, 10:45 PM
umm by the first parts im takin you mean body parts, right? doubt it. the mirage has its own performance parts, like turbo kits, individual throttle bodies and twin throttle bodies(for automatic), 1.8l motor has forged pistons and rods easy to come by, 1.5l is lil bit more rare but you can get them, headers, up to stage 5 cams(in turbo grinds too) and up to stage 3 ported heads and believe it or not superchargers they are expensive as hell but they are available, all by Racing Performance Works (RPW) out of Australlia, except the superchargers they are made by Raptor i think their in AU too. i love those australlians they have much mirage love. and if anyone from RPW is reading this i can be a spokesperson for yall for go fast parts :iceslolan :iceslolan :iceslolan :iceslolan i think the 2.0 lancer motor is 4g94, 1.8l mirage is 4g93, g9 being the key here, they should have the same block meanin some things may be interchangable. for the 2.4l its not the same so its not possible.

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