Looking for USED Rims/Tires (Diablo, Roadster, Murci preferred or replica rims)

09-28-2005, 03:02 AM
Hi Everyone:

I am looking to purchase rims & tires (preferably oem) for a project car I am working on, I would be looking for 17"-20" (18" prefably). I may even consider other rims/tires if the price is right. [also interested if rims only, less tires]

I prefer the Murci rims, 6.0 Rims, Diablo Roadster (or older/newer diablo-style rims) if possible. If you have something close to this, please email me asap.

* I am looking for USED to cut costs and dont really care too much about minor damage to the rims, or tires - so if you have something thats damaged a little or scuffed I am interested also.

I am located in Ontario, Canada - I will gladly pay in advance in US funds if you are located in the USA. Please send me photos of what you have and also your asking price - I would like to purchase a set in the next week or so if possible and can come pickup also if close to Ontario borders & pay cash.

Thanks and please email me at bodyillusions@start.ca if you have something that may interest me, I am looking for the best deal I can find of course so if your price is reasonable or a great package deal, email me as I have the cash sitting here waiting if the price is affordable.

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