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P1345 twice with P1351

09-26-2005, 06:33 PM
About three months ago my 97 Silverado with 5.7 left me by the road. It started running extemely rough, backfired, dieseled and died not to start again for 2 days while I changed pretty much every module under the hood to no avail. Came on these forums and found the answer.....a cracked distibutor cap that was chasing spark. Well, put that on and drove a day and a half and got a miss, turned out that was the camshaft position sensor under the rotor button. Cool.....three months of smooth driving after changing that. Now it has fallen back into missing again. Pull the codes a few days ago and get P1345 and P1351 and the P code?? for misfire on cylinder 5. Clear the codes and order new camshaft sensor. Next day, pull the codes again and get no cylinder misfire this time, but P1345 comes up twice in same scan again with P1351. It is first of eight and seventh of eight. The other codes are catalytic converter codes and have ordered a feedback loop to take care of those. What could be causing the sensor to go bad this soon?? Engine has about 70k miles (crate motor replacement) and was put in by a reliable local shop and drove fine until bad dist. cap. The distributor has never been pulled and the hold down is tight. I have a 200 amp alternator on the truck as I am a fireman and ambulance driver so I am running some high amperage light/siren modules. The regulator has stuck once in it since I got it but that was a full year before this happened. It cause the lights to pulse a bit sometimes so I don't know if this could have something to do with the problem or not. Only other engine mod is a K&N FIPK GEN2 air intake. I was running a hypertech programmer on it to get some more power, but went back to stock programming after the first problems. Engine is otherwise a stock vortec 5.7L.

Any help would be very appreciated.

10-02-2005, 08:07 PM
Got the P1345 code gone finally. It seems a rounded off distributor hold down bolt is not a good thing. Replaced the Camshaft Postion Sensor and Crankshaft Postion Sensor then sat in the AutoZone parking lot for an hour tweaking the distributor, reading/clearing the codes with the code reader they have until the cam/crank correlation code quit popping up. Now, runs like a top with more power and no miss. When I find someone with a ScanTool I will check the timing properly. Smoked an '04 Silverado from a red light to about a half mile when I tested it, so am very happy. Going to get the HyperTech Power Programmer3 back on it to take care of the 99mph limit, the rev limiter and correct for 32x11.50 tires. Gas prices are to darned high for the "power" enhancements, so will have to wait on that.

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