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Turbo PReLude .. H22+H23

09-21-2005, 08:57 PM
i have an h22 engine.. and im buying an h23 prelude .. im guessing best bet is use the h22 vtec head and put it on the h23 base .. that plus t3 turbo it out .. or t4, to4e w.e turbo i find is best ..i need some opinions and common knowledge on whats the best route 2 go .. what turbos are available for these engines .. and what i should do with them .. keep the h22 and m0d that heavily or stick with h23 and do the same .. ive been told to mix them like i said to get the best results .. vtec head h23 base and then turbo to get that .1 more liter and have vtec timing at the same time for the best of both engines .. is this true ??? ive heard since the h23 has more liter space its better to turbo cuz u get more out of it this true???? the h22 has been said to be a more complicated engine to deal with .. turbo .. all that .. any info, knowledge or ideas are appreciated =)

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