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fiberglass and Maaco touchup

09-20-2005, 09:28 PM
Ok so being 16 (Im a few years older now and wise enough to realise my mistakes) and impatient and well, dumb, I decided to go with Maaco for my paint job because they were cheap. Well evertime I go under my truck I find new spots they missed. And to make matters worse I bought a body kit for my truck (roll pan and bumper cover with side skirts) that I want to put on.

So maaco didnt pauint under the fender flares and seeing as I have to take those off for the body kit to fit on Im in a bind. The fender flare area is original black and the rest is Toreador Red.

Im wondering can I repaint the area they missed and match it up with the red and make it look nice, or do those whole panels have to be repainted?

Secondly I need to to know what I need for painting. The fibreglass pieces are gelcoated and Ive been told I need to scuff, primer and then base coat, with a flex additive in it. I assume Im going to need a clear coat as well, and possibly a sealer? Does the sealer go on after the base coat, or is it an additive that gets mixed in with it, like the flex additive? If anyone knows the ratio of all those additives to paint (plus anything else I might be missing) that would be awesome.
I've got an 80psi airline and paint booth at work I plan on using and will pick up a paint gun too.

If its possible to get the entire truck one color and make it look niceish (for now anyways, the truck will get repainted in a year or so once I finish all the other plans for it) then I will go one color, but I might just go two tone, red on black.

While it will be repainted down the road I cant say when it will be so instead of just leaving it primered or something for now I want it to look decent because it will be like this for about a year Im thinking.


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