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ABS brakes

09-15-2005, 06:34 PM
First of all I am not mechanically inclined. But anyway, my pump on the abs is going bad. Very little brakes. Local Jeep dealer says recall on Jeep was in 1993. They cannot offer any solutions. My Jeep is a 1991 Cherokee Laredo. I have heard that it is possible to just convert the abs to conventional brakes. I am just looking for a solution. Local mechanic says very complicated. I dont know, but what I have read, it doesnt sound that bad. I guess I really need to know where you could get these parts, what model would you say, so you can get a mc and power booster to fit. Also, local mechanic spoke of a proportioning valve, I have not been able to find that either on the web. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. I dont care to keep the abs. What is the simplist approach?

Ps. Jeep dealer says recall work has already been done on my vehicle.

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