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1997 v6 4wd-cylinder 3 misfire

08-31-2005, 11:38 PM
After driving back form school the other day...noticed a significant loss in power followed by the check engine light....code read "misfire cyilinder 3". after replacing the wires and still will not start....i have re checked all the wires and checked the timing belt which is dead on...also...i can get it to start but it only stays runnig if i hold the gas down but as soon as i let off it dies...

Any fresh out....

i also replaced cylinder 3 coil.....

Also just to make sure the cylinders are number 1 3 5 on the left front to back and 2 4 6 on the right front to back correct?

ANd that the wire on cyclinder 1 goes to 4
3 to 6
and 5 to 2

on the wire leads coming off the coil correct?

i would grealty appreciate the help...In college and trying to get it fixed on my on....

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