2000 neon front end clatter.

08-24-2005, 06:09 PM
Hey everyone hope you can help.
Since I am getting older and my hearing is not what it should be I did get three profession opinions on the matter I am asking help on. My sons car started to clatter at about 50 mph driving on a straight road, when I jerk the wheel to the right, or passenger side.
"Note no clicking doing sharp turns either way in a parking lot. Anyway the rotors and pads were changed about six months ago. I was told that the right hub bearing was worn out. Changed both but the noise was still ther. Cleaned the rotors and caliper, greased the guides, and both CV joints but the noise is still there. Took it into a second shop, a transmission and front end shop and for the second time, I was told that the front end is okay, and also the automatic transmission differential gears were good. Well, new rotors, CVS, hub bearings and I have that clatter like driving on a railway track. I also just changed the uper and lower right engine mounts for the lower was cracked. Still have the noise. The parts or work is actually enjoyable for me anyway and since I do the labour I would not be so peeved of if that dam clatter would dissapear.
Everyone shop taht checked my work said I did everything right, but that means Squat Didly. I just paid out 100 dollars for professional advice. I guess I got a hundred bucks worth.
Any sugestions would be appreciated, and no I won't set it ablaze.
Thanks Wayne.
Any suggestions except burning it would be nice. I

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