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1994 olds 88 royale 3800 tuned port injection dying and sometimes does not start back

08-23-2005, 12:04 AM
I have a 1994 olds 88 royale 3800 with tuned port injection
It is dying and sometimes does not start back until it cools down for about 1 1/2 - 3 hours, then it starts right back up. We have also had it diagnosed and the code 41 came up which indicates the "knock sensor", along with that code was 3 others too. 1.) was tps-too lean , tps low or weak signal came up twice imediatley after the shop cleared all codes out , tps high signal
2.) misfire detected 3.) tps too rich, by this much being wrong we replaced the brain as we thought that it was the problem. we have also replaced the maf sensor, the mat sensor, the tps sensor, the coil pack(s), the fuses even though some of them did not need replacing, flushed the gas tank and raidiator, cleaned out the block replaced the thermostat twice, replaced spark plugs and wires about 1-1500 miles back.
The check engine light is staying on, it stays of for a few seconds when I take the battery cable off and then start it up after putting it back on,but comes right back on.
The outside temperature(s) seem to affect it some as far as stalling or dying but it jerks vibrates shimmies and shakes no matter what usually between 40 and 45 and agin between 50 and 60 until we shift it out of overdrive into 3rd. then in third gear it jerks until you get up to 50 mph then it quits jerking. oh I almost forgot the ac comes on but does not throw out any cold air the comppressor kick on and off about every 2-3 seconds, the cruise control does not work at all, it quit all of the sudden and none of the fuses maxi or other wise are blown. the raidio also affects the cars performance, and about 2 months ago my grand mother was driving it and wrecked it in the front end messed up the hood pretty bad but the airbags did not inflate, I checked all of the wires and fuses they are all good and getting juice could this cause the rest of the car to mess up or could our problems in the airbags be caused from the other car problems?
Please help if any of you all can.

Confused and empty pockets
lily, ky
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