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Sunfire: Rear speakers work intermittently

08-22-2005, 12:51 PM
I have speaker and other issues....

1. Rear speakers work intermittently for a little while, then out for weeks. i can't seem to isolate the problem.

2. Blower works only on 2 highes settings. (first 2 settings don't work)-This I can fix now, thanks to a related post on Blower Motor Resistors.

3. Turn signal works intermittently, and when turn signal is switched on the light and 'click" sound freezes in the "light on" position sometimes or in the "light off" position.

4. In a left hand turns at speed, there is 'skipping' noise coming from the front right hand wheel.

I will take your previously posted remedies in consideration for the 2nd item on Blower Motor Resistor, but if anyone can provide advice on the last two things your help will be appreciated.


08-22-2005, 01:07 PM
As far as your lights go did you check your fuse?

08-22-2005, 01:16 PM
The rear speaker isssue seems to be one shared by many sunfire owners. i have a monsoon deck in mine and the speakers work when they want to. Its a royal pain in the ass and I wish GM would smarten up wih their quality.

08-22-2005, 03:07 PM
Blinkers - Check fuses, relay and wiring at the site of the problem. Turn your hazards on and step outside and look at which, if not all, of them is malfunctioning. The relay seems to be what I would say it is because if it sometimes stays on steady, it sounds to me like you have a sticky arm inside the relay. Easy replacement, and cheap.

With a background in electronics, I recommend this about your speakers. (Assuming you have checked the obvious.) Check continuity from the back of the head unit to the speaker. while doing this, rattle the wires near the head unit, then in the middle, and finally at the speaker and see if you get a change in resistance. If you do, try to isolate it further by finding any places where there may be hidden quick disconect plugs or whatever. Trace the wire and find any solder joint or places that that have connectors. If you are somewhat handy with a soldering iron, reflow the solder joints. Sometimes, especially with manufacturing lines, you will come across whats called a "cold solder joint." That means the solder dried, but did not completely secure the wire. Reflow these spots. You can replace loose connectors with Molex style connectors at any auto parts store. They are dirt cheap. If that does not fix it, I would say that you either have blown both your speakers in the back, or the problem is inside the head unit. Try swapping that out if you have no luck. GM is not the only make with this problem. I have a 2000 Hyundai which does the same thing in the front speakers.

As far as your "skipping" noises, define "taking turns at speed." If you are slowing down to take these turns, I have the same problem. Except my right click skips on both turns when going slow or turning the wheel when still. As far as higher speed, take your wheel off and check your struts, rotor, tie rod end, and associated parts for loose, damaged or missing parts.

Hope this helps.

08-23-2005, 03:00 PM
Blinkers - Thanks for suggestions. I will use your remedies for that fix.

Speakers - I have a voltage/ohm tester and soldering iron and plan to make some good use of those. I know my rear speakers are not blown because they work off and on again, and when they work they work fine with clear sounds and definitions (works normal). I am guessing they have a loose connection somewhere or there is a problem with the outputs on the radio, or the radio internal wiring itself. I will check it using your suggestions. I have never tooled around with car audio stuff before, but I am a quick learning logical thinker and can almost fix anything mechanical on the car. Is there such a thing as a wiring map for the sunfire that would show the pathway for the rear speaker wires to and from the radio?(may help to isolate what parts need to be removed for access to wires). Can I get something like that anywhere online? I don't have a Haynes or Chilton manual for this car.

Skipping noise - The noise only happens in hard left-hand turns (such as stop lights and left hand turn lanes) when moving, and I apply a considerable amount of gas pedal pressure to accelerate out of the turn. It stops as soon as the either the wheels start to staighten out or of gas pedal pressure is slackened slightly. I never hear it any other time, or when changing lanes or when taking normal left turns with gentle to normal acceleration out of the turn. The wheels, balance, steering control and alignment are all normal, and there is no wheel wobble. It does not affect performace as there is no hesitation or loss of power at all.....maybe 'outside roll' forces are causing extra pressure on something in the right front wheel well to make noise.

Any help is again welcome.

08-24-2005, 08:48 AM
There's not much in the way of written text that will tell you where wires run in your car. Google that information and see what you come up with. I can't really help you there. Well, I sorta can. There are pretty much 2 places that the wire can run. Either under the middle console or along 1 or both of the doors (not the door themselves, but the frame of the body underneat the door. there should be a plastic piece there you can take off, but good luck finding the problem in there as pontiac bunches all those wire together with tape and alot of it) You will be able to find regular schematics that should tell you if there are any connectors or otherwise interfering parts there.

Wish I could help more on the clicking. I have the problem myself like I described.

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