mark viii reliability

08-12-2005, 03:17 PM
i've been thinking about getting a 98 mark viii lsc, but i am wondering about how relaible they are it will be my first car, so i don't want to be spending alot of money on repairs what are your guys experiences with them are they a good first car?

08-12-2005, 09:31 PM
The last "hand built" car produced by ford is a great car untill you reach about 100k. Then your air shocks go, the interior pieces start breaking ect. My mrk 8 has more problems then I know what to do with, but since they are all so extense and would cost me big $ to fix Im just running it into the ground.
Oh yea they parts really are expensive for these cars. Not really a great 1st car since your most likely end up smashing it up due to the over abudence of horse power.

11-15-2005, 10:25 PM
I COMPLETELY disagree. These cars are ultra-reliable, as long as you dont plan to buy it, and do nothing but drive it. remember, when new, it was a $40k car.

as far as "expensive" way. spark plugs, $1.00 each, plug wires, $65 for a set. uses regular oil, gets near 25 mpg average, and unless you abuse it, the regular replacement parts are FAR less than those of comparable cars(caddy, Lexus, BMW, etc).

You can do a complete tune up, tranny service, oil change, and brake service for less than $400, if you do your own work.

I bought my 94 two and a half years ago. It had 52k on it.
Since then, I have racked up 80k miles+.

The car has been ultra-reliable, as long as I took care of it.

This means PLAN for part failure NOT due to unreliability, but due to age/use.

the air springs(fronts) are generally good for 100k/10 years. The engine should be tuned up prior to 100k miles. The transmission fluid should be replaced with mercon V. The oil should be changed AT LEAST every 5k miles, if not every 3k.

If you are considering a "Gen 2"(97-98), I would recommend getting a 98. This is because due to the transmission's weaknesses, all mark VIII's have the "older design" tranny, except the 98's, when Ford decided to pull their head out, and listen to Jerry W.

Best thing to do is look for a 75k mile(or less) 98 LSC. They are awesome cars, and they can be had for less than 1/4 their original sticker price!

best bang for the buck out there, In my opinion.

Oh, and they are easy as hell to work on.

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