how to get more horsepower

08-09-2005, 02:34 PM
Trying to get more horsepower out of a 1999 mercury cougar v6, 5 speed duratec 24 valve Dohc

08-09-2005, 05:38 PM
id recommend the same intake and catback exhaust kits as i posted in your other thread. Not sure how much your looking to spend.

Also check into some MSDS headers. Those will at least give a 10 hp gain.

SVT Contour extrude honed upper intake manifold ($250+)
SVT Contour or 2002 Cougar larger lower intake manifold (dirt cheap)
SVT Contour 60 mm throttle body ($50+ all 3 combined good for ~5-8 hp)

Optimized, flush mounted sncrews, and knife-edged throttle body (free for ~2 hp)

3.0L hybrid or full 3.0L swap ($2000+ for ~30-50 hp from a stock 2.5L)

ported and polished heads ($1000-1200 for ~5-10 hp)

SVT cams ($250+ for ~5 hp)

The list goes on. If your serious, get an ADC turbo kit ($5500). Im making about 450 crank hp with mine right now on my contour.

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