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1990 240 w/ starting issues...2 new o2s, fuel pump and relay!

08-07-2005, 07:51 AM
BTW...I love my little vo but take her to a mechanic. And he's great once he finds the problem!!!
She started having a bit of a cold start problem. She usually starts with no gas, just flip the key...and I started having to give her gas to turn over. She turn over, but I take my foot off the gas and she'd stall. The second try would get her started with a bit of gas. So I figure there's a problem brewing and off to the shop we go.
Well, first time in, the computer found two o2 intake things were broken and they were replaced...expensive, too. But the problem then became worse after 2 days. So back again, this time the fuel pump was replaced which seemed to kind of help for a couple of days, then the problem became worse still. The start would be several times with the gas to the floor, and stall. Finally got her to stop stalling by keeping my foot on the gas, the other on the brake and putting her in gear...and back to the shop we went. This time the relay thing was tinkered with...and it seemed ok for about 6 hours. But now the problem is just as bad.
Anything else to check??? Any new ideas? Once she's running, I have no problems.
Also, he added some kind of carb cleaner stuff the second time in...did no good!

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