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I've got a few questions for you Viper Wizzes out there!

04-30-2002, 11:10 PM
OK I am 16 years old, and am now looking for a hot car, on a tight buget; like most teenagers.

Anyways my idea comes from passed on information I have "heard" and do not yet know if it's true. Any information will be greatly appreciated and helpful, whether its private to my email or on the forums.

Ok so I "heard" that to make it seem as if you have a hot car... Some teenagers or peopel ahve taken a Pontiac Fiero, (I'm not sure which year) and as some of you may know, and from what I have heard...That type of car has a body which can be removed nicely, in order to make room for something special.

Yes I'm talking about a fiberglass body of a 94 or 95 or whatever year fits, Dodge viper, I know it's not just snap into place work, and that it requires some if not many new parts to accquire the transformation.

However I am up for the challenge, however I need information anyone has as to where to start, prices, and any tips or instructions or advice you may have.

I know it'll still be the fiero car and the dodge body, but I'm a kind of teen which most are, which rely on the look of the car...with decent performance, I know that fieros are not the most trustworthy cars in thw world, howvere are cheap to fix, if it were to break down.

But I was wondering if anyone had info on this or a site, or possibly price ranges for a fiberglass body etc.... (I do have a friend who makes fiberglass bodies I will talk to him, well actually his dad but u get the idea)


Thanx very much for reading and helping, and sorry for any errors in typing...

if it means anything I live in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

thanx again!

Viper 10
05-01-2002, 02:01 AM

I have never heard of anyone taking Viper body panels and putting them on a Fiero chassis. The first problem that you will run into is that the Fiero is a mid-engine car, so the engine is on the wrong end to work with a Viper. Secondly, I believe that the Viper is quite a bit wider than a Fiero. Lastly, the cost of Viper body panels would be cost prohibitive (the hood alone costs $17,000 new, and $11,000 used).

I will say that I have heard of people putting Viper kits (not original body panels) on C4 Corvette chassis'. They are ugly as sin.

My advice to you is go out and find an older RWD car, invest some money to go to a track school and learn how to drive on a road racing course. Even though FWD cars are the rage with the ricers, RWD will teach you the techniques that you need to advance up through other high performance cars.

Stay away from street racing. Road racing is much safer. JMO


05-02-2002, 01:59 PM
The Fiero is the perfect place to start if you want something that looks, sounds and performs like a Ferrari for less than $10,000. These kits are not cheap, there are some low budget kits out there, but they are heavy and badly constructed.

Something to consider, get yourself an 88 GT Fiero, this is the model with the Lotus engineered suspension, and uprated brakes. It'll cost you maybe $3000 CDN for one in good shape, but with a rough engine. Don't worry, if it's not in that good shape, keep a few things in mind. They don't rust, and if anything brakes, you can replace it with an upgraded part for about the same money.

If you're into swaps, there is a direct bolt in swap for the Fiero 2.8 motor, from Monte Carlo Z34s, and earlier Grand Prix GTPs. This is called the 3.4 TDC, and in stock form developes 215hp. Comes with a good Getrag 5 speed, and a nice clutch too. Directly replaces the Fiero drive unit, with minor modifications anyone can do.

What not a lot of people know, is that the 3400 TDC was designed to replace the LT1 for Camaros and Firebirds, and was making 275 hp before they detuned it because their automatic transaxles couldn't handle the power, and they weren't going to have a second assembly line for manuals. The 275 hp is easily regained with a simple chip, available from any good GM tuner, and with other minor changes, the thing can make more than 300hp in a 2800lb car(feel like smoking that rich kid's Ferrari?).

The 2.8 Fiero is a good looking car, but it has one really weak styling point. The "aero" nose. I really like Fieros, but that nose is just damn ugly. However, there is a company that does body kits called Pisa Corp, that offers a Ferrari F355 nose for the car for $300 US.
Pretty nice, huh? Still has one big drawback though. The wheel wells have about inch or so of extra space, and the wheels are only 15x7". The advantage is the Trans Am GTA had the same style wheels, except they were 16X8", and will allow you to run a 225/50/16 on the front, and a 245/50/16 on the back. You can also drop the car an inch with lowering springs. Now you have a mean looking, low, wide, Ferrari esque Pontiac that does 0-60 in under 5 seconds, and corners better than a new Corvette.

To do the wheel swap, you have to change the wheel cylinders and hubs over to the Transams, and take the brakes as well. This requires minor mods, but any good brake/suspension shop should be able to do it.

Car ----------------------------------------------- $2500
Engine -------------------------------------------- $1500
Wheels/brakes/cylinders ------------------------ $1000
Really good tires --------------------------------- $1000
Suspension work(shocks, springs) ------------- $1000
Chip(70hp) --------------------------------------- $600
F355 Nose ----------------------------------------- $400

It all can all be done bit by bit too, replace the brakes when they need to be done, upgrade the wheels when your tires wear out and so on.

05-02-2002, 02:09 PM
As for the Viper idea, there is only one cheap way I know of, the kit is based off of the 79-85 Mazda RX-7, and uses a smallblock V8. The Ford 5.0 motor with the T5 or AOD tranny fits right in, you just have to reverse the engine crossmember, and put in a modified Mustang crossmember for the tranny.
As you can see, it isn't a carbon copy of a Viper. Most hotties won't know the dif though, and even if somebody tells them, they'll still say "it's a hot car". The 302 makes a nice rumble, makes the car do 0-60 in about 5 seconds flat, nice and quick. Not as fast as a GTS, but you should be able to run with an RT-10 in a stoplight drag.

I think these guys do mostly turn key cars, but they might sell you the kit. The engine you can do on your own, or get a friend to help you with it.

05-02-2002, 04:21 PM
There is also a third option... The humble 924 :D Add a widebody kit, a big spoiler, nice wheels, an Audi 5 cyl making 227 hp, 258ftlbs of torque at 1950 rpm...

2300lbd 924, 0-60 in 5.0 flat, 1/4 in 13.0 flat.

You would not believe how well these things handle.

Or you could consider a 931, I know of lots for sale, ranging from $900-$3500 USD. A $150 intercooler, $150 boost controller, and you're making 250 hp in a 2400lb car...

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