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2001 lesabre radio removal

07-28-2005, 05:43 PM
hey i just got the 2001 lesabre do i get the dash apart where i can get the radio out to put in a new one.......thanx

08-01-2005, 05:17 AM
To get the radio out. you have to remove the screws from the air vents, glove compartment, and under the wood trim which snaps off.

08-03-2005, 08:01 PM
i was told that the air bag and abs are tied into radio on the custom. I am in the middle of the same thing. Does your custom have onstar and concert sound? I might have a solution to that problem but i dont know why the air bag and abs would go through the radio. I'm going to call the dealer?????

08-04-2005, 07:01 PM
This is what i found out

I called the dealer and they said that the air bags and abs has nothing to with the radio...

I talked to the guy at the car audio system place and he said that after attending GM classes he knew that if the dinger that goes of when the key is in the ignition- is in the dash your ok- but if the dinger plays through the speakers it means that the air bags and abs are activated through the reciver somehowand will be a problem with just taking out the stock reciever.

So if you have taken the stock radio out and you dont hear the dinger then you will probably have a problem with your air bags and abs. I took my stock reciever out and the check lights still came on the way they should and there didnt seem to be a problem, but the professional from Ergo Audio strongly recomended that I keep the stock radio and just relocate it.

I know how to do this i am just waiting for one of the harnesses to come in so i can finish. If you want to know how i am doing it i can let you know its not that hard.

08-13-2005, 08:09 PM
I just finished installing the factory XM radio tuner box and radio deck from a 2003 model year LeSabre into my 2000 in order to get XM, the factory 12 disc changer and to retain my steering wheel controls and IP chime function. This was no small task and required about 4 months of research, I am an engineering student and had a blast reverse engineering the in-car network. I am pretty confident in my knowledge of the audio system and vehicle network. Now that I am finished it doesn't seem like it was all that big of a deal, the hard part was actually getting GM to sell me the XM tuner box, which is different from the one commonly used in GM trucks and SUV's. There is no question that your IP chime is built into the radio, remove the radio and you will have no chime function, you will also lose your steering wheel controls unless you find an aftermarket adapter. Here is the main challenge in the LeSabre, the connector used on the back of the radio is an edge connector and very unique to this model. When aftermarket companies list vehicle compatability they take into account the connector itself. As you probably can understand, an aftermarket steering wheel control adapter made to work with a buick century or such may be electrically identical to the one you would need for the lesabre, but if the connector is different they won't list your car as being compatable. Please don't mis-understand, I am no expert in aftermarket audio installation, you probably know more about that than I do, but I can claim some degree of expertise in the various workings of the audio equipment used in the 2000-2005 lesabres and an understanding of the class 2 data network. Especially how you can add modules to your car using a Tech 2 scan tool which is what I did to add my XM tuner box. Remember XM didn't exist when my 2000 was built, but as I started going through SAE documentation I realized that the class 2 network was designed to allow devices to communicate readily. Essentially a device sends messages out at intervals, every device on the network hears every message and also transmits its own. Each message is encoded with a destination header, so the only device that pays attention to a given message is a device that is programmed to listen for it, all other messages are just ignored. By adding the 2003 radio deck first, I now had a deck that was listening for data from an XM tuner box, I ran the radio setup routine from a tech 2 scan tool borrowed from a friend, but most importantly I ran the setup routine for the 03 model year, the model year of the radio, not the car. The radio immediately unlocked and worked fine. After doing this I bought the XM tuner box and essentialy provided it with a fused power and ground, and then spliced into the vehicle network at the remote function module in the trunk, this is where GM splices in for the XM tuner box in 2003, honestly it shouldn't matter where you do it. I spliced the audio outputs into the connector for my factory 12 disc changer and then ran the digital radio reciever setup routine from the tech 2. The xm tuner actually worked without running the setup routine, but this is probably because it was brand new and never programmed for another vehicle.

01-23-2008, 04:38 PM
I have replaced the radio in my 2001 Lesabre limited and you have to buy Metra GMOS-05 to make it work. It is a wiring harness that retains all chime, Onstar and R.A.P. functions. Any local Circuit City should be able to get you one. And you can find steering wheel adapters to retain those functions as well.

01-23-2008, 06:23 PM
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