'01 Ram electrical confusion

07-25-2005, 05:15 PM
hi folks. my truck is kicking my butt right now. i just got done putting a completely overhauled motor in it. new bottom end with higher compression, new cam, new heads, new intake, new throttle body, headers, and all that jazz. motor fired after four cranks and purred like a kitten. the abs and park brake lights never went out and the check eng light came on after about 30 seconds. had the codes read and there is a grocery list of them. "oxygen sensor 1 and 2 heater ckt low, torque converter clutch ckt electrical, evap emission control system valve c fault, shift solenoid A ckt electrical, trans fluid temp sensor A ckt range/perf." and 3 that all say manfacurer control transmission. i am hoping that there is a common link between these items that i can start from. the truck sat without moving for about six months while i was building the motor. it is also acting like the abs sensor is bad...no speedo until 20mph, rough idle, and the brake lights on the dash both lit continuously. i've checked for loose connectors and such with no luck. if someone knows a place i can get quality wiring diagrams that also tell what the voltages should be at various locations so i can begin searching for the cause with my voltmeter, that would be a great start. without knowing the correct resistance across each sensor and the proper supply voltages, i can't say if it's the sensors or something else. any help is much appreciated.

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