15 years ago, I had Driver's Education class in my junior year of H.S.

07-25-2005, 08:13 AM
So I had Driver's Ed in 1990. I was 16 years olda nd was just starting my driving career.

We used to go out with 4 students in a car with Mr. Baldwin who enjoyed having the extra brake pedal on the passenger side of the car "just in case." Mr. Baldwin was a nice guy and swore to us that he had never driven over 65 mph and that was only once on a trip that included a highway with such a speed limit (remember this was 1990 and there was still a national 55 mph speed limit).

Anyway, on one particular day I was the first student to drive.
As the first driver it was my job to unparellel park the sexy Buick we were in. The Driver's Ed car was always parked in between school buses along a curb.

As I was about to clear the parked school bus in front of me, I stopped and looked up at. I looked over at Mr. Baldwin and asked, "If you really pushed it, how fast do you think that school bus could go?"

Mr. Baldwin replied, "You know Jeff, you have the wrong attitude about driving."

:D That memory came back to me today when I was passing by some parked busses and I just had to share :D

07-25-2005, 08:24 AM
Hah, that son of a bitch...he should have answered your questionm he could have saved you with a better answer!! Look what he turned you into... :lol:

Edit: This is weird, it's showing Zero replies and yet my post is right here...

07-25-2005, 09:53 AM
:lol: You gotta wonder, what would have happened if he would have flat out said something like 90.

I remember drivers ed. I took it about 3.5 years ago. I had a retired teacher as my drivers ed teacher. I remember, he always would have his water bottle with him, and whenever you did something wrong, he would hit with the bottle the body part that committed the offense (i.e. speeding, he'd hit your foot).

07-25-2005, 10:57 AM
"If you really pushed it, how fast do you think that school bus could go?"

:lol2: ^^^Classic.

"You know Jeff, you have the wrong attitude about driving.

^^^Little did he know... :grinno: j/k

07-25-2005, 11:28 AM
We had drivers ed, but it was outside of school, and if you passed the course you could get your permanent license in 4 months less time, and insurance knocked your payments down a bit

and I think every instructor is the same, my guy was just like yous...dirving isnt supossed to be fun , just to get you from A to B safely and effeciently...sad sad people

07-25-2005, 12:04 PM
they don;t offer drivers ed in nyc. but i think mr. baldwin has the wrong attitude about driving. he drives for ultility and as a chore, we drive for pleasure. ( much better reason to drive )

07-25-2005, 01:08 PM
they don;t offer drivers ed in nyc

Hopefully you mean at public schools?

Otherwise... tha explains a few things :P

07-25-2005, 01:15 PM
hahah definitly not in public schools becasue the schools are too damn poor and also theres too much traffic and the school wants nothing to do with accidents. so they have regular driving schools. when i was at my driving school, the car that i was learning off had a brake pedal at the passenger side too. my instructor was eatting noodles when i was driving and i was at a green light and some asshole ran the red at the intersection!!! i was the one that hit the brakes to prevent the collision not him!! he was too busy eatting his noodles. anyways thats just a interesting story i thought i'd share.

07-25-2005, 01:31 PM
Ah okay... the way you worded it sounded like you meant there were no driving schools in NYC :icon16: I went to an actual driving school too though, those extra brake pedals suck sometimes, cause one of my driving instructors liked to randomly step on it. I mean, they said I was like the best driver out there yet they still wanted me to drive 5-10 under :disappoin

07-25-2005, 01:35 PM
haha random braking = owned.

07-25-2005, 03:05 PM
Ah okay... the way you worded it sounded like you meant there were no driving schools in NYC :icon16:

The way New Yorkers drive it wouldn't surprise me if there weren't driving schools there... :tongue:

07-25-2005, 03:20 PM
in my driving classes we had a retarded senile old lady... we tortured her. we used to throw the books at each other and hide them and the pencils in the ceiling tiles, and we hid her videos... we didnt learn a damn thing in driving school. we once tried putting a chair in the ceiling... about 5 minutes later it fell through the tiles right next to the instructor. basically almost everyone in that class got thrown out at some point in a class.

07-25-2005, 04:50 PM
I remember ripping a badass burnout with my hatch *bleach and all thanks to my awesome shop teacher* lost my driving prilage for 2 weeks and was like fuck the bus didn't come back till i could drive again.

I did pass the class with an A

07-25-2005, 07:42 PM
How much did it cost you guys?? I was charged $500....plus technically we had 2 tests and an exam, but if you paid $500 they really couldnt fail you...they threatened to but they couldn't

and I drove in NYC like 2 weeks ago...INSANE...those ppl are absolutely insane...I had to cut off everybody to get around, everybody cut me off in dangerous situations, and every car had a dent somewhere

-The Stig-
07-25-2005, 08:08 PM
My mom was my drivers Ed teacher...

She used to teach people how to drive the old school school buses. So, she was CHP certified to teach people to drive... she has many a story about trying to explain these black ladies what the hell double clutching was.

"double what? I have to push it twice??"

So yeah... she hounded me. Taught me like I was driving a bus... having to check my mirrors/blindspots every 15 seconds. And all the little regulations and what nots.

Was a pisser at the time, but I'm glad I know some of that stuff. Helps ya out. Keeps ya safe.

When she wasn't teaching people to drive the buses, she was doing her own route. She had to drive the highschool 'bad kids' who thought they were the shit. One time one of them kept saying that was gonna take over the bus. So she kept quiet and watched him in her mirror. When he finally got the balls to stand, she hit the air brakes and slide the bus to a halt and smacking the rear tires against the side of the curb. Jumped out of her seat and came face to face with this kid who fell partially back into his seat... and yelled "Don't you EVER threaten me or my bus, now sit your ass down NOW!"

She's only 5ft tall and roughly 100lbs

Kid = Owned

Oddly enough, she's the one who introduced me to street racing back when I was little. She'd go to the local hang outs in her old Nova... She would wear baseball caps to hide her hair cause guys wouldn't race a chick.

She's grown out of it now, but she doesn't get on my case too much if I happen to mention an 'encounter'... she just rolls her eyes with a smile and says becareful.


07-25-2005, 10:38 PM
Yo mama = awesome.

My dad taught me how to drive. Probably the single most important thing he taught me is to always assume that everyone around you will do the stupidest thing possible. Saved my booty numerous times.

Of course, we also had driver's ed. It was stupid. One of the things we had to do was slalom around the cones (all of which were down the middle, so you had to slalom around each of them) down a two-lane curve, in reverse. Not easy for most experienced drivers in the mid-sized sedans we had to use, and hard as hell for most new drivers. I was the only one out of our class to do it the first time without hitting a single cone. I think I was also the only one to actually think about how to do it without hitting a cone (it's all about the angles). It was really boring otherwise.

07-26-2005, 12:38 AM
I was taught to drive by my mom. She thinks going the speed limit is too fast. They don't offer any driver ed classes at our schools either.

07-29-2005, 09:43 AM
My dad is a driving instructor. I think he's only gone over 70mph once and it was by accident... So, yeah, I am the complete opposite.... especially since I actually turn my head to look instead of relying on mirrors. Oh yeah, and he used to be a bus driver too.

07-29-2005, 01:15 PM
I took drivers ed and all that other crap, but my dad taught me how to drive. He used to drive taxi cabs, and he used to be a bus driver for a while. My aunt, however, taught me how to drive a stick shift.

07-29-2005, 01:17 PM
My dad taught me how to drive, but I also "took" a course. But the real teacher was my dad. He was a cop when I was little, and at the time he was teaching me to drive, had an MB S600. He showed me how to do all the cool stuff...

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